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Fairhavens Gardens, Melegan, New Makun….

TromVille Investments LtdProperties & Estates Fairhavens Gardens, Melegan, New Makun….

Fairhavens Gardens, Melegan, New Makun….

FAIRHAVENS GARDEN, MELEGAN is situated on the Lagos – ibadan expressway, directly opposite the NEW MAKUN TOWN, developed by OPIC. 

The estate is in close proximity with RCCG Youth Centre, Honeywell Manufacturing plant, Christopher university.. It is an estate planned and properly laid out with the comfort of the clients at heart. Quite affordable and with its much flexible payment plan,

Payment Plan

Outright Plan.
600sqm  N1,500,000
300sqm N750, 000


Installment Payment


600sqm @ N1, 700, 000 with 5% initial deposit
12months payments @ N134,600 monthly
24months Payment @ N 67,300 monthly
36months payment @ N 44,860 monthly


300sqm @ N850, 000 with 5% initial deposit
12months payment @ N67,300 monthly
24months payment @ N33,650 monthly
36months payment @ N22,450 monthly


All payments have Survey and Documentation charges inclusive.

Fairhavens garden offers serenity and high return of investment for both residents and investors.

Your investment is safe, secure and guarantees massive and instant return on investment.

It is a dry land and there is no Omonile wahala.



Good Network of Roads
Recreational Facilities
Street Lights
Green Areas
Transformers etc