You Don’t Need More Information – You Need More Action

Study by Analysis… it’s a condition that holds many of us back.

I know because I’ve been guilty of it myself. Maybe you can relate.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to do something… like write a book, start a business, create a nonprofit or pursue an idea? Or maybe you follow others who have done it and you find yourself wishing you could emulate their success.

In those cases what do we normally do? We have an idea and we start to seek out information on HOW to make that idea into a reality. We read books, we follow gurus, we read blogs, we listen to podcasts, sometimes we buy products, etc. We seek and we consume, which in and of itself is awesome and needed to help us learn… but then many of us don’t take action.

It’s when we consume and keep consuming without applying what we’ve learned that we have a problem.

We’re learning but what good is knowledge without action?

Like feasting at a buffet, if we sit down and just gorge ourselves… we’ll eventually be bloated and fat unless we get up from the table and move.

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t need more information. You likely already know WHAT you need to do, at least you know enough to get started. The real problem is STARTING isn’t it?

It’s a lot easier to keep following everyone else, watching their success and wishing it were your own. It’s something totally different to want it bad enough to do the work that it takes for you to be successful. It might require sacrifice or putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. That’s hard.

The worst part is when you look back and realize that it’s been months, maybe years that have passed by. Good intentions turned into mild frustrations cloaked in excuses.

I’m just too busy. I don’t know how to ___. Why would anyone listen to me? What if I fail?

I’m here to tell you that you CAN. You don’t have to be the smartest, the most tech savvy, the most efficient, good looking or possess some sort of super-human skill, you just need to start taking action… even if that initial action is small.

Small actions over time create big results. –Tweet That

I’ve worked with a lot of successful people over the years and the primary trait that they have in common is that they START. They gather enough necessary information to make an informed decision and they take action on it. They don’t wait forever and talk about it day after day, they do it. They don’t wait for “some day,” they start today. They know that they won’t have it 100% figured out and that’s okay because they also know that it’s a process of learning and improving as they GO.

Let’s do this together…

Stop waiting. Stop over analyzing everything. Perfection is a myth so don’t let the pursuit of it get in your way. Show your fear who is boss and tell it to hush when it tries to tell you lies about yourself, your idea and why you “can’t” do it.

Action begets action. Inaction leaves you living in regret.

Decide today that things are going to be different. Make a commitment to yourself and your calling. Even if it’s just an hour per day or every other day, find a way to take action. Give up an hour of TV, wake up early, stop checking Facebook or Twitter so much, avoid letting convenient distractions get in the way (because they’re an excuse too). Use that time to act. Apply what you know. Do something. Get started and don’t give up.

Success may not come easy but it will never come at all unless you take action.

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